Provinces of Iran Fars


The pars land is the cradle of human civilization, birthplace of Achaemenian and Sassani kingdoms, and the capital of the Persian Empire for many centuries.

The identity of this province with the whole country is so much that Iran was once known as pars (Persia). This region was the political-cultural focal point of ancient Iran and the historical monuments, which are scattered all over the province and indicates its greatness in the past. The people of the Fars province are rich in culture and traditional and people from various aligning such as Aryans, Samis and Turks live in this area.

Fars is the language that is predominantly spoken here. The religion of the majority of the people is Islam and the religion minorities are the Zoroastrians, Jewish and Christian. One of the biggest Iranian tribes called Qashqayee lives in Fars.

The city of Shiraz, the provincial capital is located 919 km south to Tehran and enjoys a moderate weather with regular seasons.

The long history of this city has left many historical and cultural places with the natural views, to be visited by tourists.

One of the most glorious monuments in the world is Takht-e Jamshid or Persepolis. The terrace at Takht-e Jamshid measures approximately135.000 square meters and is over 13 meters high.

Pasargad the capital of Cyrus the great and the great Apadana (Hall) of Dariush are the most important historical monuments of this province.

The natural views and landscape of the province have remarkable values locally, and internationally.

More than 280 leisure places and malls are registered in the province, which proved remarkable and suitable environment for recreation activities for local people as well as international tourists.