Provinces of Iran Ardebil


The province of Ardebil is located in northeast of Iran, with God given splendid natural beauty and numerous sights and endless fascination for many people. Ardebil province enjoys geographical and environmental diversity. Generally, the weather of the highlands of Sabalan is cold, Ardebil city is mild and the Moghan plain is warm.

The majority of the people are Muslims, faithful to the religious traditions. The predominant language is a variety of the Turkish languages called Azarbayejani. The Lush pasture and mineral springs on the slopes of Mt.Sabalan create spectacular natural sights.

Wildlife includes wolves, bears, leopards, gazelles, mouflons, ibexes, eagles, part-ridges, pheasants, poisonous snakes and crocodiles.

The city of Ardebil is the provincial capital, with great antiquity; its origin goes back to 1500 years ago.

Ardebil is an important agricultural center is Iran.

It is one of the frosty areas in Iran and can be frosty for 5 to 8 months during the year. The city dates back to the Parthian period. Ardebil was conquered by Islam army in 642 A.D and later became the center of Azarbayejan during Omavid.

The natural attraction of region especially mount Sabalan with its mineral spring with their medical qualities has made the province a significant tourist attractions.

The mineral springs of Khalkhal, Sardabeh and Booshli are of more importance.

The forested areas in Khalkhal and Ardebil are covered with oaks, beeches, maples and hornbeams. The plateau of Moghan is among the most important agricultural regions of Iran.