Provinces of Iran Eastern Azarbaijan


The province of Eastern Azarbaijan is located in north-west of Iran, which is a part of ancient Iranian territory. This land is the birthplace of one of the oldest civilization of Iran.

The oldest stone tablet reference to Tabriz is belongs to the age of Sargon II, the Assyrian king. The tablet refers to a place called Tauri castle and Tarmkis.

The Sahand peak with 3722m is the highest in the province.

The mountainous regions of this province are consisted of three parts Qaradagh Mountains, Sahand and Bozqoush, Qafelankooh.

The weather in these parts is very cold and dry.

The wild life sanctuary of Arasbaran on the Aras River in the north of the province contains numerous magnificent views.

Lush Pasture and numerous mineral springs on the slopes of Mt Sahand create impressive views.

The city of Tabriz an ancient and historical city, the political and administrative capital of the province, and hold and several worth- seeing historical sites.

Tabriz has been the capital of Iran in different periods, also the capital of Azarbaijan in the 3rd century AD and again under the Mongol Ilkhanid dynasty (1256-1353), although for some time Maragheh supplanted it.

As it is located at the cross road between Europe and Asia, so many people travel through this city.

The village of Kandovan is located in Osku near Tabriz and a unique architecture suitable for mountainous areas has developed. The mineral springs of Sufiyan, Bostanabad and Tap Tapan near Tabriz have endless fascination for many visitors.