Provinces of Iran Mazandaran


The province of Mazandaran is located in the north of Iran. Coastal plains of the Caspian sea with mountainous slopes, several large and small rivers, beautiful towns and villages with a beautiful and eye-catching natural landscape is one of the important recreational regions of the country.

Vast fields of rice, citrus orchards along with beautiful wooden houses, have created a very interesting social life, which is interesting to visitors.

This province is covered with lush greenery, vast forests and a variety of distinct flora and fauna. For centuries the impenetrable forests on the Caspian side of the mountains held back human settlement.

The city of Sari, the provincial capital is located inland from the Caspian Sea in the semi-tropical coastal plain to the north of Alborz Mountains.


The Alborz Mountain runs along the north shore of this province.

The Caspian Sea in the north of this province is the largest lake in the world. It is about 1192 km long and from 160 to 430 km wide and about 1000 m deep.

The Alam-Kooh Mountain, on of the highest mountain complex of the Alborz range is situated in this province.

There is a beautiful mountain road with deep gorges, beautiful hinterlands with wooden houses, fields. Today the Caspian stop between the Alborz range and the Caspian shore is one of the most densely populated areas in Iran.

It is the habitat of more than 100 species of fishes specially the sturgeon from which caviar is obtained.

According to archaeological evidence, about 1500 BC the southern Caspian coastal region was inhabited by a number of tribes who had migrated to it from the Caucasus region.

A large number of recreational centers are founded to provide facilities for visitors.

This province known as the bathing resort of the Caspian and by far the most beautiful site of the whole coast, it is unique in term of scenery including forested hills, and its proximity to the Caspian coast.