Provinces of Iran Gilan


The coastal plains of the Caspian Sea enjoy splendid natural beauty, a pleasant climate, lofty mountains covered with lush vegetation and fascinating forests.

According to archaeological evidence, about 1500 BC the southern Caspian coastal region was inhabited by a number of tribes who had migrated to it from the Caucasus region. The high Alborz Mountains sealing of the narrow Caspian strip trap humidity and create a mild humid region with luxuriant forests and swamps. The people who inhabit Gilan province are called Gilak and speak the language of Gilaki and their religion is Islam.

The handicrafts of Gilan are rich in diversity. Their most well known are straw mats, Gelim, Jajims, Felt Carpets, Charughs.

The city of Rasht, the provincial capital of Gilan is province, located in the center of the plateau of Gilan on a branch of Sefid Rood which has a mild humid climate.

The history of this city dates back to the pre-Islamic period, which has been an important center for trade and agricultural activities. The Sefid Rood is the largest river in Gilan, which flows into the Gilan plain and then to the Caspian Sea.

Anzali port is the most important northern seaport of Iran, which is the center for exporting Caviar.

The recreational ship of Mirza Kouchak Khan transports passengers from Anzali to the countries on the northern coast of the Caspian Sea.

Masouleh is a beautiful village, which enjoys splendid natural beauty in a mountainous area. This village with its unique architecture of buildings with lattice windows and exquisite decoration is known as an Iranian architectural legacy by the Unesco and attracts many tourists every year.