Provinces of Iran Bushehr


The province of Bushehr is located in south- west of Iran. At the Persian Gulf in addition to political and strategic significance of this province, is one of the greatest historical attractions.

The culture of the province has been influenced by the coastal cultures of Africa, Arabia and India.

The language of the people is a mixture of Farsi and Arabic with words from Hindu, English, and African.

The economy of this province is based on fishing, shrimp cultivation, animal husbandry, mining, handicrafts and the most important, the producing and exporting of petroleum.

The city of Bushehr is the provincial capital and the administrative center of this province. Because of the good and strategic location of this city, it is important center for commercial activities in the past and used as trade with the countries such as Germany, England, Russia and Turkey and has played an important role in the economy of Iran.

The old buildings belonging to the consulates of different countries indicate its importance. There was a human settlement 2000 years B.C, named «Rayshahr» in the same place which Bushehr is located now.

This port is a city of great antiquity, dating back to the Elamite period. Today due to the geographical location of this province it plays sensitive role in the region.