Provinces of Iran Kohkiluye va Boyer Ahmad


The province of Kohkiluye va Boyer Ahmad is located in the south west of the Zagros mountains. This province is significant for its geographical characteristics. It enjoys a wonderful nature with lofty mountains, rivers, springs, waterfalls, gardens, lush vegetation, and unique flora.

The mountainous area is very interesting regarding its many variable wildlife and its protected natural areas. There are many beautiful villages, which enjoy splendid natural beauty in a mountainous area the province is consisted mainly of highlands, highest peak and lowest point is Lishtar.

This province enjoys moderate weather in summer and a very cold weather in winter.

The slopes of Dena are covered with snow all over the year.

The nomad living styles of the tribe of Bakhteyaris are very interesting. They have two different, summer and winter territories. The people speak Luri, one of the ancient languages of Persians.

There are more than 100 caves in this province and thousands of local tourists visit the region during summer.

The city of Yasuj, the provincial capital is of great antiquity. Its history dates back to 2000 years ago. There are many historical places in the city that attract visitors.