Provinces of Iran Sistan va Baloochestan


The province of Sistan and Baluchestan as one of the largest provinces of Iran is located in south east of Iran.

A low flat plain with an area of 8100 square kilometers covers the Sistan is the land of epics and the birthplace of Rostam, a land full of miracles and attractions. The city of Zahedan, the provincial capital is not an old city.

The existence of the Hamoon Lake depends entirely on the Hirmand River. This lake is consisting of three parts, which covers an area of 4000 Sq and is the largest fresh water lake in Iran.

Because of its unique ecosystem, it is protected as an international lake and also is the natural habitat of native and migrating birds such as Flamingos, Pelicans, gees, ducks and swans.

The nine hundred meters high mountains, which stand beside the Hamoon Lake, are one of the most attractive places in Sistan.

There are many structures built in the periods before and after
Islam, on this mountain which overlooks the plain of Sistan and Zabol.

This land was turned into ruins with the attack of Amir Teymour Goorkani and later with the attack of Mongol tribes, which destroyed the ancient historical structures and monuments of Sistan. The historical monuments such as Sakuhe castle, Khajeh mountain, archeological monument, Dahaneh-ye-Gholaman, Sayed Gholamrasul tomb, the minaret of the jame mosque in Khash, Shahr-e-Sokhteh (burned city) in Zabol, Kant castle and Seb castle are amongst the most important sights of this province.