1- Golestan Palace, National Garden (Baq-e-Meli) Gateway, Jewels Museum, National Museum)
Price: [See below]
City: Tehran
Duration: 1 day


Tour description:

Golestan palace: During Safavid period and when Shah Tahmasb the 1st was the king the complex was built (from1524-1542). There was a Safavid citadel on this site, but the complex only became a palace in the reign of Karim khan Zand. The palace was more used and expanded by the Qajar kings when it turned into a residence for the royal family. There have also been some changes in some parts of the complex during Pahlavi dynasty. Some of the halls of the palaces in the northern part of the complex, which are open to public, include museum hall, mirror hall, brilliant hall, ivory hall and the crystal hall. The garden of the complex enjoys the elements of the Persian garden, so if you would like to feel the atmosphere of the Persian gardens in Tehran you shouldn't miss the garden of Golestan Palace.

National Garden (Baq-e-Meli) Gateway: This high Gateway was built as a gate for entering the Mashq (military practice) square in the 1922 AD during the time of the first Pahlavi king. Later on when the Mashq square was transformed to the first public garden named Baq-e-Meli(National Garden), the name of the gate was also changed to "the National Garden Gateway". This gateway looks like the old gateways of Tehran. At the present time, the area is in the midst of central post office,  police Headquarters and the Civil status office, but still can be visited to remind us of the days it has been prosperous

National Jewels Museum: This museum is probably the most visited museum by tourists in Tehran. The incredible royal jewelry with which the monarchs from Safavid to Pahlavi periods used to adorn themselves is kept here. The jewelries consist of Darya-ye Nur (sea of light) which is the largest piece of pink diamond in the world and the most glorious amongst Iranian royal gems; it weights 182 carats. Among other jewelry of this museum Takht-e Tavoos (the royal seat) can be mentioned which embodies 26,733 pieces of jewels. There are so many precious objects kept in this museum from Safavids era to Pahlavis

National Museum of Iran: This museum is the first building in Iran which has been specially constructed to be a museum. The aim of the museum is to give an abstract of Iran's rich civilization, culture and art. The subject of the objects in the national museum is the cultural heritage of the ancient Iran that are presented according to the changes and chronologically from past to the most recent. The objects from one million years ago; Paleolithic up to the late Sassanid period (6th century AD) are shown in the National Museum of Iran.


Person(s) Price (USD) Price (EUR)
1 110 90
2-3 70 55
4-8 50 45
9-12 45 40
13-25 40 35
26-40 35 30


Include: Hotel pick up and drop off, Professional English speaking tour guide, All transfers(Tourist Vehicle)

Time: 9 AM – approximately  17


  • In case of cancelation of the tour, you should pay %40 of the whole price.
  • All transportation by non – smoking air-conditioned vehicle.