Carpet Museum, Contemporary Arts Museum, Cinema Museum, Niavaran Palace, Imamzadeh Saleh( the holy shrine of imamzade Saleh)
Price: [See below]
City: Tehran
Duration: 1 day


Tour description:

Carpet Museum: The museum houses more than 100 pieces which are from all over the country, dating from16th AD century to the present day. The structure of the loom-shaped building is Octagonal and enjoys the modern architectural style. This museum has been specially designed for keeping the carpets correctly and scientifically. The museum has been active since 1977 AD.

Contemporary Arts Museum: The building of Contemporary Art Museum was inaugurated in 1977 AD. Its architectural structure is a combination of Iranian traditional style and a modern touch. The building consists of several galleries which contain an interesting collection of temporary exhibitions of the works by modern Iranian and foreign photographers, designers and calligraphers. In this museum, the stages and changes that contemporary Iranian artists have gone through up to the present day can be seen.

Cinema Museum: In this museum you can observe the processes and the events that the cinema of Iran has gone through from the first days when the camera was brought to Iran by the Qajar king; Naser-al din Shah up to the present time. The equipments which were used for making and showing film are displayed in the museum. There is also a theatre in which you can watch the first Iranian movies just the way it was shown. You can also see the figures and pictures of the actors, actresses, dubbers and directors and the pictures taken from the backstage of great Iranian films. Some of the prizes these artists have won in different universal festivals are also kept here.

Niavaran Palace: The complex of Niavaran palace used to be the residence of Qajar kings and the palace of Iran's last Shah and now has been converted into a palace re anzd carpets. Sahebgharanieh, king's special office, is probably the most beautiful one in the complex. Ahmad Shahi Pavilion which is an attractive two-story kiosk used by the Qajar prince Ahmad Shah. Jahan-Nama Museum and Gallery is filled with the Shah's elected collection of art.

Imamzadeh Saleh( the holy shrine of imamzade Saleh): There are two important holy shrines in Tehran which Tehranis believe in them very much. One of them is Imamzadeh Saleh in Tajrish sq, and the other one is Shaah Abdol Azim in Shahre Rey (Rey City). Imamzadeh Saleh is also a historical site and has been repaired and renovated in the recent years. The plate on the front entrance of the shrine indicates the year 1210 of the lunar calendar (1831 AD). If you would like to see Iranian religious customs, just come and visit this shrine.


Person(s) Price (USD) Price (EUR)
1 110 90
2-3 70 55
4-8 50 45
9-12 45 40
13-25 40 35
26-40 35 30


Include: Hotel pick up and drop off, Professional English speaking tour guide, All transfers(Tourist Vehicle)

Time: 9:00 AM until  ~17:00 PM


  • In case of cancelation of the tour, you should pay %40 of the whole price.
  • All transportation by non – smoking air-conditioned vehicle.