Rey City (Shahre-e-Rey)
Price: [See below]
City: Tehran
Duration: 1 day


Tour description:

Rey City: One of the most historically important places in Tehran province is Rey, although these days it has been swallowed up by the urban sprawl of the capital. In historical texts it is written that Tehran is a small village near the Rey City, but now it’s just vice versa. In the 11th and 12th centuries AD, Rey was the regional capital and much larger than Tehran, but it was destroyed by the attacks of rampaging Mongols. The Mongols left very few buildings standing and unburned. Since the time Mongols destroyed Rey it has never regained its prosperity again.

Borj-e Toghrol: It’s a 12th century (AD) tomb tower belonging to the first Seljuk king; Toghrol the height of the tower is 20meters and is situated in the town center. The building had been used for many reasons for example as a sundial. The structure of the building is in a way that it shows in which time of the day we are by the sun light which enters the building.

Imamzade Shah Abdol Azim: Another reason to visit Rey is to see the lovely Imamzade Shah Abdol Azim, built for a descendant of Imam Hussein (the Shiite's 3rd Imam). This mausoleum has elaborate tile work, a golden dome, a pool in the courtyard and a 14th century sarcophagus with intricate carvings, constructed from betel wood. In the same place is a shrine to Imam Hamzeh (brother of Imam Reza; the 8th Shiies’ Imam)

Cheshmeh Ali: Chesmeh Ali is the spring which was the reason for forming one of the oldest settlements of Iran, later became Rey City. Rey City was a very important city from which the Silk Road passed through it and was divided into three main roads. There are also some Qajar-period carvings nearby which can be visited.

The Zoroastrian fire temple of Rey: Since Rey has been a very important religious center at the time of Sassanid, they had built many fire temples in this city. The fire temple of Rey which has remained from the Sassanid period is still standing and is one of the best well preserved fire temples in Iran from that era up to the present day. Many important religious ceremonies had been observed in this fire temple.


Person(s) Price (USD) Price (EUR)
1 170 135
2-3 120 95
4-8 90 75
9-12 60 50
13-25 50 40
26-40 40 35


Include: Hotel pick up and drop off, Professional English speaking tour guide, All transfers(Tourist Vehicle)

Time: Starts early in the morning until the evening.


  • In case of cancelation of the tour, you should pay %40 of the whole price.
  • All transportation by non – smoking air-conditioned vehicle.