Abyaneh Village
Price: [See below]
City: Abyaneh Village
Duration: 1 day


Tour description:

Abyaneh: Abyaneh, a fascinating historical village at the foot of Mt Karkass, 40 km to Natanz in Isfahan province. The reputation of this village is because of the people who have still kept their traditional lifestyle which is very unique. The architectural structure and ambience of Abyaneh is a good example of human adaptation to nature. Here one can transcend the boundaries of time and space and experience the ancient civilization and culture of Iran. Visiting this village gives any passers-by such a pleasant rustic sense that one doesn't feel much in an ordinary modern life.

Abyaneh was completely Zoroastrian just until the time of the intolerant Safavid king Isma'eel the firs who forced people to change their religion to Islam, during his reign most of the villager immigrated to other places. But even today after a lapse of so many centuries and going through so much difficulties, their custom, way of life and ancient dialect have still remained practically unchanged and this is a reason for many anthropologists to travel to Iran.

The people of Abyaneh still wear the typical clothes of the region, especially women who wear long white scarves with colourful patterns, colourful dresses and long skirts. The clothes of the villagers are the typical attraction of this village. There is also the possibility of wearing the clothes for the tourists to take photographs wearing these clothes.

The village also has some historical sites to visit such as Porzaleh mosque, the Jame Mosque, and Harpak fire temple.


Person(s) Price (USD) Price (EUR)
1 250 200
2-3 160 130
4-8 110 90
9-12 95 75
13-25 60 50
26-40 50 40


Include: Hotel pick up and drop off, Professional English speaking tour guide, All transfers(Tourist Vehicle)

Time: Starts early in the morning until the evening.


  • In case of cancelation of the tour, you should pay %40 of the whole price.
  • All transportation by non – smoking air-conditioned vehicle.